Greetings from Matun, India

Dear friends hope all is fine and well. Here everything is fine. The school is running very well. The people of the village are very happy for their school. The children are mostly happy and also they are learning with great care. I can mention some important points, which was progress last two month.

1) Parents & Teachers meeting.

Every month, last Saturday we hold the parents and teachers meeting. And this meeting is very popular now a days. Day after day more parents are coming with there many new suggestion. And there in the meeting parents can discus anything about school. In last meeting there was 84 parents was presents. And we discus many thing. Fix the date for coming exam which is on 17th,18th and 19th August. and People are waiting to see there children success.

2) Field visit

This is new from last month. I told to all of our teachers to keep proper record about our children. And specially on whom are absence in school for few days. And to visit there house once in a week to keep in touch with there parents and also to know the reason for there absence in school. The teachers accept this points. And they are following exactly like that.

3) Prepare the Question for the exam.

The teachers have made the Question paper for the coming exam. Which is on 17th ,18th and 19th of August. I will attached some scanned copy of the Question paper very soon. This time out of 120 children only 89 students are going for written exam. And other 31 children for verbal or oral test ( this is very small children, they are not able to write now).

4) Celebrate independents day 15th August.

This was a great day to spend with the children. One of the best day in my life. I have seen the top quality of discipline from the morning to the end of the program. On the early morning the children brought many flower with them. After they arrange the flag hosting program in front of the school building with the all teachers. And after flag hosting they perform some very attractive cultural program. The children perform the National Anthem. There was raining that time but I haven’t seen any children to run for shadow because they enjoyed the program so much.

I am glad to inform this all to all you my friends who are supporting for this great work. From now on I will do this time to time.

With best regards,

p.s. Jos joku haluaa Matunin tervehdyksen suomeksi, niin ilmoitelkaa niin käännetään teksti myös suomeksi.

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