Our story


Canelipuu is our dream and our way to do something about some of the imbalances in the world. We dreamt about starting our own association: the idea of small-scale development work that can be significant and effective. We want to work directly with people who need our help. When we travelled round the world, it opened our eyes to the injustice in the world. We wanted to help more effectively than just tossing money in a collection basket, and not really knowing if the money just ends up covering vague overhead costs rather than going where it needs to go: assisting those people truly needing help. We wanted to watch how the money affects the ones we want to help. While travelling, we saw these wonderful brown-eyed Indian children, and this gave us the conviction to work to fulfill our dream. Thus was born Canelipuu, born from the longtime dream to do something good in this big world.

In 2009 Canelipuu renovated an old fallen-down school that had been empty for 5 years. The school is located in a small rural village called Ateswartala. The process started with choosing a proper assistance target. The school building was in such bad shape that we had to tear it down and build a new one from the ground up. Through a careful search process, we hired 4 teachers, and in early 2010 the school opened its doors to 120 children, aged 4-8. Our school has now successfully operated for five years. For the new year, we have 218 pupils, and 68 pupils have already graduated to secondary schools.

Canelipuu also supports pupils that have moved to the second level (classes 5-8) by offering remedial instruction and help with homework. We currently have 8 teachers. In 2014 we were able to start offering lunches at the school. We also try to promote environmental awareness in the village. The villagers collect plastic waste so it doesn’t end up in the environment. Food program was started in early 2014 so pupils can have a warm meal free of charge every school day. In 2015 we are starting the biggest project since the original renovation. The school has expanded so much that we now have a problem with lack of space. We´re planning a new building to ensure that the teaching can continue effectively so that no one needs to study outdoors.