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We need your help to be able to run the school. The advantage of a small voluntary organization, compared to big international organizations, is that no money is needed for administrative costs. 100 % of the contributions goes to the ones helped. The association subsists on membership fees and donations. We also arrange different kinds of events to collect money such as flea markets and restaurant day events. All donations go directly to the school. The founders of Canelipuu cover all related costs out of their own pockets:   bank charges, yearly fees for the internet site, and their own visits to India. We ensure that 100% of your contributions to Canelipuu will reach the school. The yearly fee to the association is 50 Euro, and we are very happy for any donations. Many of our friends have chosen to support the school with 10-20 Euros per month. The money has so far been used to renovate the school, pay salaries for teachers and coordinators, and cover costs for lunches, schoolbooks, materials and school uniforms. You can donate money with an account transfer:

Canelipuu bank account:

IBAN account number FI97 5721 9420 1717 93


Reference numbers:
Donation: 240909
Membership fee: 240909 123

We promise to be worthy of your help.


You would be welcome to visit the village Ateswartala . We would also be extremely grateful if you would like to start as a voluntary worker. Matun, who is our coordinator in India, can help you with accommodation, food and transportation. If you are interested in personal cooperation at Ateswartala please contact us at info[at]

Companies can also support our work in India. Please tell about us if you know companies or entrepreneurs that want to communicate responsible way of doing business. We have different ways for these partners to communicate their responsibility. Please contact arto.tuominen[at] if you are interested to partner with us.